Baby Bluewater Coco Bow Glow Show Toddler

 I am now preparing for the final day of the baby show.  Yes it is 6am and I have been up since 5am thanks to my beautiful baby girl.  I have missed the kids so much whilst doing the show but I have had an amazing time.  Coco Bow bags are like my third child, and I so wanted people to love the bags as much as I did. 

I was so nervous for the first day, worried people may not love the bags as much as I do but the feedback has been unbelievable.  People LOVE that they can use it as a handbag afterwards so they don't feel like they are wasting their money.  People LOVE the colours, though some requested it in black so watch this space.  Several people told me it was the best changing bag they had seen and a few ladies who had already bought bags said they wished they had a Coco Bow.  And, if people have been worrying about the amount of space, a lady who is expecting twins bought one of our bags yesterday, after looking at several different changing bags.

So, the final day.  I have gone from 'Can't wait till it's all over' due to nerves to 'I don't want it to end'.  A BIG Thank you to all the fantastic people I have met at the show.  It is great to meet your customers, hear their exciting news and plans and know that they have had a good look and feel of the bag and still love it.  Thank you all again and please feel free to message us on facebook and keep us updated.  Lots of love xxxx


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