Happy New Year

2015 was a fabulous year for Coco Bow.  With the launch of the Motherknot range we have grown from strength to strength, coming second place in the Junior Design Awards for the 'Colby'.  

Our much loved Dawn, also part of the Motherknot Range and used by the Beautiful Dawn O'Porter is a timeless edition to our collection and one that has got people talking.  

We also designed a child's school bag (well, I designed one for my daughter, posted a picture then was inundated with requests) so look out for this in 2016.

We have also been inundated with requests for the return of our Oxley.  Do not worry, we will be bringing this beauty back but not until Autumn 2016.

We are excited for the year a head.  We are wishing all our customers a Year filled with health and happiness and of course lots of beautiful healthy babies.


Lots of love and Happy New Year


Katie Kaminski


Coco Bow

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